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A Special Message from the Buddhist Fellowship Exco


Buddhist Fellowship has a strong and proven culture of providing Buddhist teachings based on the original teachings of the Buddha.

This is one opportunity to support the Dhamma as originally taught by the Buddha. With your help, the Buddha-sāsana will continue for generations to come. If we do not support the Dhamma and the Triple Gem, the Dhamma will not last long.

Take this opportunity in your lifetime to offer a home for the Dhamma and yourself.

Do your best for the Dhamma!

With much gratitude & metta
BF Exco 2022-24

Messages from our Spiritual Patrons
and Dhamma Teachers

Ajahn Brahmavamso

Even the Buddha, though unattached, had many places (centres) where people could go to hear Him teach. It is now time that the Buddhist Fellowship has its own centre in which it may grow and serve, and develop free from the constraints of being within another's premises. For 18 to 21 years, a child stays in its parents' home, and then it leaves to establish its own home. It is now time for the BF to establish its own independent centre and shine its special light on Singapore and beyond.

With Mega Metta, A Fully Supportive Ajahn Brahm

Bhante Rathanasara.jpg
Bhante K Rathanasara

I wish every success for the Flagbearers of the Buddhist Fellowship in their great venture for a new Dhamma Home. With bigger premises, more people can come together to practise the Dhamma.

Bhante Buddharakkhita

The Buddha said: one who gives a dwelling place, gives all. And one who gives the Dhamma, gives immortality. Accordingly, supporting the new Dhamma home at the Buddhist Fellowship of Singapore is a golden opportunity for us to “give all” to such a rare place where people will live and practise the Dhamma in order to realize ultimate peace.

Sylvia Bay.jpg
Sylvia Bay

I would like to congratulate BF for its bold decision to buy a piece of land to build its own home. I have no doubt that this undertaking will significantly advance the cause of Dhamma propagation in Singapore.

With this move, BF would reach yet another milestone in its rich and eventful existence. BF has always been a unique organisation from the day it was conceived 30-plus years ago. It was born of the dream of a small group of incredibly forward-thinking lay Buddhists who saw a need for a centre that would cater to the spiritual needs of English-speaking Buddhists of any denomination, many of whom were still looking for a place to settle down. Up until that point, every Buddhist organisation in Singapore was affiliated to one tradition or another and most were teaching Dhamma in Chinese. BF’s founding fathers chose to break free from conventional practices to set up a centre that was to be for all Buddhists from all ethnicity and barred to none. 


Messages from Organisations We Have Supported


Joyful Garden Sangha

We are grateful for Buddhist Fellowship’s support to us in our time of need, like a big tree that provides respite. As a young community, we rejoice and are hopeful that this tree will soon find a fertile garden to grow beautifully, bearing more dharma fruits.


Joyful Garden Sangha, a Plum Village community of practice.


Dot Connections Growth Centre Limited

Dot Connections Growth Centre has been very thankful to The Buddhist Fellowship who has been very supportive of our events by lending us their premise to conduct our classes and activities.


President, Sue


The Very Quiet Studio Ltd

The Very Quiet Studio is a local Arts and Heritage Charity. We thank the Buddhist Fellowship (BF) for their previous and ongoing support of our Interfaith Cultural projects. We are grateful to the past and present committee for accommodating our rehearsals at BF premises, and supporting our causes in mental well being and interfaith dialogues through art and conversations. May buddhists both group and individual flourish with stronger support to build dhamma fellowship.


Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association

To our Dhamma Brothers & Sisters of Buddhist Fellowship Singapore


It is with great delight to hear of BF’s plans for a new home and we like to wish you all the BEST & SUCCESS in your fund raising programs to achieve this dream.


We remember fondly the friendship and assistance that you extended to allow us the use of your premises at BF East to conduct our various Sunday Dhamma activities in 2014/15, during a transition period when we were looking for new premises ourselves!


We thank you for your very kind support during this difficult period and may the Triple Gem bless and guide BF in your endeavours!


Sabbe Satta Suki Hontu


Buddhist Youth Network

We have used BF east for many of our events & activities.  BF is always kind and supportive in allowing us to use the premise.


We are very grateful to BF for the continuous support and encouragement.



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