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History of Buddhist Fellowship

Buddhist Fellowship was formed in 1988 (under its former name Buddhist Graduate Fellowship) and has been and always will be committed to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.


Through our Dhamma programmes, many lives have been transformed for the better. We have staved off people's loneliness, helped those who are down and have always endeavoured to bring the light of Dhamma to people's hearts. We have always been committed to bringing out the best of the Dhamma in you. This will not change!


We have great monks like Ajahn Brahm and Bhante Rathanasara as our Spiritual Patrons. Our line-up of speakers have always been exemplary and pillars of the community. Finally and not least, our Dhamma Advisor is the talented and eloquent scholar Sister Sylvia Bay. 

Throughout the years, we have had the support of our leaders, including the late President Nathan, President Halimah, Minister Iswaran, former Minister Khaw Boon Wan, former Minister George Yeo and MP Rachel Ong.


With bigger premises and better facilities, we can bring to bear and do justice to the wise and precious words of the Buddha, and our spiritual teachers and mentors. Together we will be able to bring more happiness to people's lives. It is a new home for you. It is a new irreplaceable gem of an opportunity that we place in your hands today.

Some of The Organisations We Have Supported in Dhamma Propagation


Dhammakami Buddhist Society


BuddhistYouth Network


Joyful Garden Sangha


Dot Connections

BF EXCO (2022 - 2024)

Lim Phang Hong.png

Bro Lim Phang Hong



Sis Quek Wei Li

Honorary Secretary

Chua Chong Jin.png

Bro Chua Chong Jin



Bro Aang Yoggie Linsein

Exco Member

Hoo Hui Kim.png

Sis Hoo Hui Kim

Exco Member

Wong Tai Wee.png

Bro Wong Tai Wee

Deputy President

Lim Soon Kiat.png

Bro Lim Soon Kiat



Sis Jeannie Heng Sok Giang


Pan Shixuan.png

Sis Pan Shixuan

Exco Member

Tanya Sangrung.png

Sis Tanya Sangrung

Exco Member

Vincent Chua.png

Bro Vincent Chua Ngak Yen

Honorary Treasurer

Lim Ai Ling.png

Sis Lim Ai Ling


Aw Cheow Thiam.png

Bro Aw Cheow Thiam

Exco Member

Elizabeth Chua.png

Sis Elizabeth Chua Hui Ying

Exco Member

Angela Tan.png

Sis Angela Tan Yee Jin

Exco Member

Our Patrons and Advisor


Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera

Spiritual Patron

Bhante Rathanasara.jpg

Ven. Kanugolle Rathanasara

Spiritual Patron

Sylvia Bay.jpg

Ms. Sylvia Bay

Dhamma Advisor

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