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You have made the step towards encouraging someone onwards on the Dhamma path or helping to give the gift of Dhamma to those who need it most. May this dāna be an ornament for your own cultivation!


Donate a Brick

Donate a brick towards the building fund! Each brick is symbolic of a part of the building for our new Dhamma home and you have fulfilled a part of it. You may donate as many bricks as you like and as often as you like. 

SGD 100

Availability: <NA>



Donate to Classrooms

The laughter of children, the quiet instruction of meditation, the heartening voice of an inspiring speaker - for all these and more, the rooms will be put into good use. Support our rooms for Dhamma to propagate across the generations!

SGD 100,000

Availability: <NA>


Image by ANIRUDH

Donate a Column

A pillar is symbolic of resilience, strength and confidence in the Dhamma. Support a column to uphold the Dhamma. Just as without the Triple Gem there can be no refuge, without pillars there can be no shelter and no floors.

SGD 1,000

Availability: <NA>



Donate to Library

The library in BF is a special place where all the wisdom of the Buddha is kept. Throughout the years, it has been a place for self study, meditation, Dhamma discussions and more. We have an exhaustive collection of suttas, including the Nikāyas, the Jatakas, and books of various Buddhist denominations. Support a home for Dhamma knowledge and give another the consummate gift of Dhamma wisdom!

SGD 200,000

Availability: <NA>



Donate a Small Buddha Niche

If you would like to offer a small Buddha image in your name, or in memory of a dearly departed relative or friend, here is your chance. The small Buddha statues will be enshrined along walls of one of the rooms, creating a lasting memory for you and the dearly departed. May the merits of all your good deeds and donations be dedicated to them. 

SGD 10,000

Availability: 97



Donate to Sangha Room Ensuite

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to donate towards the Sangha Room. This will be for exclusive use by Sangha members like Ajahn Brahm when they come to teach. You will be providing shelter for the holy Sangha of the Buddha. Please grab this chance and may joy arise in your heart for this exquisite dāna gift of this magnitude.

SGD 300,000

Availability: <NA>


Donate Cash


If you prefer to donate cash without ascribing them to any structure, feel free to do so! These funds will go into the general pool towards the Building Fund as well. Rest assured that no amount is ever too small.

For Special Contributions

The Main Dhamma Hall, a subsidiary Dhamma Hall and the Relic Chamber will be the main focus of our new centre. Give yourself a chance to donate towards these areas. The positive impact of that giving that enables others to achieve peace will last a long time. Just as the great ocean has one taste - the taste of salt - so too the Dhamma-Vinaya has one taste - the taste of liberation. This gift of liberation excels all gifts.


Donate to Relic Chamber

Support a beautiful chamber for none other than the Buddha's relics and the relics of the great and noble arahants. The relics of Arahants Sariputta, Mogallana, Sivali, Ananda and the Buddha himself will be enshrined in this chamber. Here is a chance to offer the Buddha and his great disciples a shrine for all to behold. 


BF Buddha Statue

Donate to Main Dhamma Hall

The Main Dhamma Hall. This privilege to donate to a Dhamma Hall is perhaps an opportunity that comes once in many lifetimes. This is where the Dhamma starts. This is where the path begins. This Hall will lift minds to unimaginable heights of bliss and the karmic conditions that put this donation across your path is indeed a rarity in the world. Call us or leave your contact behind so that our Exco can contact you.


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