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From the Buddhist Fellowship Exco

School Students

Buddhist Fellowship has a strong and proven culture of providing Buddhist teachings based on the original teachings of the Buddha.

This is one opportunity to support the Dhamma as it was taught by the Buddha. With your help, the Buddha-sāsana will continue for generations to come. If we do not support the Dhamma and the Triple Gem, the Dhamma will not last long.

Take this opportunity in your lifetime to offer a home for the Dhamma and yourself.

Do your best for the Dhamma!

With much gratitude & metta
BF Exco 2020-22

Supporter Messages

Ajahn Brahmavamso

Even the Buddha, though unattached, had many places (centres) where people could go to hear Him teach. It is now time that the Buddhist Fellowship had their own centre in which they may grow and serve and develop free from the constraint of being within another's premises. For 18 to 21 years, a child stays in its parents home, and then it leaves to establish its own home. It is now time for the BF to establish its own independent centre and shine its special light on Singapore and beyond.

With Mega Metta, A Fully Supportive Ajahn Brahm

Bhante Rathanasara.jpg
Bhante Rathanasara

I wish every success for the Flagbearers of the Buddhist Fellowship in their great venture for a new Dhamma Home. With a bigger space, more people can come together to practise the Dhamma.

Bhante Buddharakkhita

The Buddha said: one who gives a dwelling place, gives all. And one who gives the Dhamma, gives immortality. Accordingly, supporting the new Dhamma home at the Buddhist Fellowship (BF) of Singapore is a golden opportunity for us to “give all” to such a rare place where people will live and practise the Dhamma in order to realize ultimate peace.

Sylvia Bay.jpg
Sylvia Bay

I would like to congratulate BF for its bold decision to buy a piece of land to build its own home. I have no doubt that this undertaking will significantly advance the cause of Dhamma propagation in Singapore.

With this move, BF would reach yet another milestone in its rich and eventful existence. BF had always been a unique organisation from the day it was conceived 30-plus years ago. It was born of the dream of a small group of incredibly forward-thinking lay Buddhists who saw a need for a centre that would cater to the spiritual needs of English-speaking Buddhists of any denominations, many of whom were still looking for a place to settle down. Up until that point, every Buddhist organisation in Singapore was affiliated to one tradition or another and most were teaching Dhamma in Chinese. BF’s founding fathers chose to break free from conventional practices to set up a centre that was to be for all Buddhists from all ethnicity and barred to none. 

That early BF was especially appealing to new English-speaking Buddhists who were trying to understand their faith against the backdrop of their modern science education, many of whom had trouble relating to the magical stories of old. Since then, BF has been especially successful in attracting young professionals who prided themselves for being contemplative Buddhists who asked hard questions and refused to just follow traditions and culture. But there is a place for everybody in BF: from the discerning intellectuals who refused to stop challenging assumptions to the more conventional faith followers who really only wanted a place to belong and for their children to learn the Buddha’s teachings in English.

But more importantly, BF is always pushing the limits on Dhamma propagation. In 2020 when the world hunkered down to wait out the ravages of Covid-19, BF took to the airwaves and broadcast Dhamma talks. For weeks, BF conducted meditation sessions online every Saturday afternoon to help calm our collective angst. BF’s online Sunday morning services quickly became the week’s highlight for thousands of Buddhists not only in Singapore but around the world, who needed the Buddha’s words to lift their spirit and restore emotional equilibrium. Even now, BF continues to engage its members on the cyberspace with online Yoga, online meditation retreats, online Dhamma talks and so on. 

I have no doubt that BF will remain at the cutting edge of Dhamma propagation. BF’s membership base is growing fast. With every Dhamma class and retreat held, more Buddhists sign up to join BF as members. Many are youthful, energetic and dedicated. BF has also successfully attracted people who are not afraid to think creatively and try new innovations. A new building of its own will only give BF so much more space and scope to grow. 

Do come and support the future of Dhamma propagation with BF. Many of us have benefitted from the work of others. Now is our turn to give back! For the growth of our community, we must constantly pay it forward for our children and grandchildren. We must continue to build for those who come after.

From All of You

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